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noon, a person shot to death in the middle of the afternoon. today, dcp so still combing the area for cruz. gunshots interrupted around the place with its fair share of violence. neighbors are morning another young life lost -- mourning
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another young life lost. >> a young man in his late teens fatally shot in the middle of the day. the motive unknown. initially, police thought he was attacked outside, but it appears he was inside this building, and he staggered out onto the street leaving a trail of blood on the steps, sidewalk, road, and even parked cars. be rough todayo for everyone. >> the team, believed to be a student, was found unconscious and not breathing. medics attempted cpr and rushed him to the hospital where he later died. >> it's just devastating. >> up the street, news has been quickly spreading. these students no crime all too well. as the student puts it, that's southeast tc -- d.c.
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one resident of this neighborhood arrived from work shortly after 5:00 last evening minutes after the shots rang out. >> d.c. police and detectives have been out here on holly terrace all morning long. the fire department has also been here cleaning up what is now a crime scene. a young man shot and killed, and the gunman still on the loose. >> a former montgomery county teacher has been indicted on 49 criminal counts related to alleged sexual abuse of 14 elementary school girls and the rape of a middle school student. investigators say the crime while he worked at estates elementary and eastern middle schools. he is being held without bond.
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a smoking habit led to a fire that injured five people in fairfax county. investigators say someone left smoking materials in the stairwell, setting the carpet padding on fire. the fire erupted around 10:30 last night in springfield. it took 60 firefighters to put out the flames. the injured people are expected to be ok. well, it is deceptive out there because the sun is out, but it's the coldest day we have had this week -- maybe the coldest we have seen in weeks. asked brian if we can expect a warm up. i see you have your yellow tie on with all this sunshine. >> it's so cold. temperatures still in the 20's out there. we started off in the teens. live weatherbug camber over montgomery college, and beautiful blue skies overhead. temperatures are chilly. 23 right now downtown. 18 in gaithersburg. 19 in baltimore.
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even with just the slightest of wind, but of a chill, feels like 13 right now. gaithersburg right now feeling like 12 when you factor in those wins. upper 20's to low 30's at best before temperatures drop back again this evening. one positive -- sun sets at 6:00. we have not seen that in a while. change ourd, we clocks. that means sunset in the 7:00 hours, so that's pretty cool stuff. a little bit of moisture in the upper midwest. seattle and san francisco. plus, the nation is high and dry from dallas to atlanta, which is good for your travel plans. we'll talk about how that california system will bring out the winter weather update ingested it. >> thank you. for anybe prepared storm by downloading our storm watch weather at. -- weather app. new at noon now, karen kennedy driving acquitted of
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while impaired. a jury in white plains, new york, returned with this verdict a short time ago. the daughter of late senator robert after the was charged after she exited the took a sleeping pill and sideswiped a -- the lot -- the daughter of late senator robert f 10 at -- robert f and he -- robert f kennedy. the law is named after james brady who was shot during and attended assassination of then president ronald reagan. it made background checks a requirement for gun purchases. >> we have had many victims, some of which were here today, who are still losing their lives because 40% of the people are not undergoing a background
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check when they purchase a weapon. the brady handgun violence prevention act was , over 107 million background checks have been conducted. just into our newsroom, three arrests have been made after at least 100 cars had their windows shot out and fairfax county. >> we have just learned police have made arrests in connection with this crime that really frightened fairfax county residents and has many changing their habits when it came to their cars. fairfax county police say they have arrested in fact three people. with fourharged counts of felony destruction of property and two counts of misdemeanor destruction of property for allegedly shooting dozens of car windows earlier this month. police say two others may also
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be facing charges. police say between sunday, february 2 and tuesday february 18, at least 100 parked vehicles were struck with a gentile. police say it appears the suspects were driving through neighborhoods shooting at the cars, breaking windows and tossing a lot of damage. authorities say the investigation is still ongoing. possible additional charges could be coming. we will continue to follow the story. we will have much more on and abc 7 news. >> thank you. there appears to be more disturbing revelations from documents leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden. the documents reveal that a british intelligence agency collected video webcam images, many of them sexually explicit, from millions of yahoo! users, even if they were not suspected of illegal activity. the intelligence agency in question did not comment.
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i who officials say they are not aware of the program and expect outrage at these published reports. the supreme court is revealing screening procedures after someone snuck a camera inside. this is the first known video of the supreme court in session posted to youtube by an advocacy campaignt pushes for finance reform. the video showed an unusual disruption on wednesday, a protester criticizing the courts decision to loosen campaign spending. vast majority of american people believe corporations are not people. >> the justices ignored the outburst, and the man in the video was charged with breaking using loud,w threatening, or abusive language in the building. a huge surprise for a fairfax county teacher. the major honor she was just awarded and what comes along with it. plus, alternative plans being made in hollywood as rain
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threatens to soak the oscars. and we have details on our
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>> major new developments in ukraine. the country has requested a united nations security council meeting to deal with its crisis. switzerland and austria are trying to block any assets ukraine's fugitive president may have hidden. today, viktor yanukovych claiming to still be ukraine's rightful leader. >> camouflage and armed pro-russia militants this morning took control of two airports. the message was clear -- they are on the side of russia and
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completely reject the new ukrainian government. the chaos gripping ukraine now the source of dangerous and rising tensions between the saidd states and russia today that a massive military exercise near the ukrainian border. nowhere is the battle line more evident than right here in the mostly russian enclave of crimea. they want to be closer to russia, even part of it. on thursday, armed men stormed the parliament building, raising the russian flag. they are playing revolutionary songs, and they are calling everyone here comrades. ukraine, citizen of but i am russian, this woman told us, saying she welcomed a russian invasion. impeach president viktor yanukovych resurfaced today for the first time since being
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ousted last week after almost 100 ukrainians were killed in the capital, kiev. he has fled to russia where he claimed today to still be ukraine's rightful president. "nobody overthrew me," he said. "i was compelled to leave ukraine because of direct next to my life." russia and the united states are looking past viktor yanukovych as they battle to shape the direction of a new ukraine. home, a normal day at school turned into a surprise award ceremony for one local teacher. year'seived this educator award as she teaches geo systems courses, and the award is given to educators to promote excellence and innovation in public education. >> i never thought i was going to be a teacher. i've never been happier in my life. i've never worked harder in my life, and i have never been
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happier. i just cannot believe it. it's amazing. >> she also received a cash .rize these awards are known as the oscars of teaching. congratulations to her. sticking of the oscars, they are this sunday. the final preparations are different as organizers prepare for the possibility of heavy rain. >> biggest star on hollywood boulevard right now -- the red carpet rolled out being groomed for finishing touches. >> it takes about an hundred 50 man-hours to put it out, and it the beginning of the week, and they usually finish up about 15 minutes before we open. >> all eyes will be on hollywood this weekend as stars grace the carpet with flowing gowns and million-dollar smiles. >> it's wonderful. of the oscars.
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i watch it every year with my mom at home. i feel like part of history now that i have been here. >> inside the theater, rehearsals began, but we cannot tell you much about those. >> it's all about surprises. we want our audience to be entertained, so we have a lot of wonderful entertainment in store. >> a lot of the focus is outside where crews have been setting up tents to protect the red carpet for the rain forecasted this weekend. say they are ready for whatever mother nature brings. >> we don't anticipate these tents being up on sunday. hopefully the weather breaks. i will get blocks under my eyes between now and then, but we will yet it done. >> abc 7 is helping get you ready for the oscars. you can catch us for a red carpet special tonight at 8:00.
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we have special guests, and we will break down all of the big categories ahead of sunday's academy awards, which, by the way, you can see right here at 7:00. >> i just have to ask -- who are you wearing? i don't know what that means. it's just what people ask. >> yes, that will be the question du jour. wearing a little ray of sunshine. >> not a cloud in the sky. but it is so cold. we do have cold air in place all across the region. it is pretty. folks are scurrying around by the capital, but it is cold out there. it was even colder this morning. we started off with temperatures in the single digits in spots. 14 in the city, 12 in manassas. we even had a little bit of a breeze this morning. factor that wind in, and you had
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wind chills below zero this morning. the winds have calm because despite the sunshine, 20 downtown, orange at 28. 22 in lexington park. we'll be hard-pressed to get out of the upper 20's today across the area. winds very light out there. high-pressure is in charge, but we turn our attention to the west coast because they are finally getting some much-needed rain. pummeling the western coast, but the one we are paying close attention to because this will diverse across the country, and this is the genesis of potential for winter weather late sunday into monday, so that's what we are watching carefully. high-pressure in charge. frigid afternoon. temperatures in the teens and 20's. we will get more cloud cover, but our brains will shift, and it will be a little bit armor. -- it will be a little bit warmer. sunday, we could be near 50 degrees. a cold front will start to work its way through sunday into
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monday as that pressure from the west slides in as well. that could set the stage for a combination of some wintry weather with possible rain and sleet before changing over to some snow. could get pretty messy for the day on monday. still, the system is in california. i just showed it to you. it is several days out, and how everything interplays is definitely crucial. exactly how everything setup and who will see the most of what, still some question marks. bitterlylooking, but cold out there. temperatures barely near 30. our average high is 51. we are 20 degrees or less colder than where we should be. littleay, clouds are a bit more abundant. we are looking at showers, but not until nighttime. then, some of that wintry weather for monday. by tuesday, mid 30's.
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there may be a nether system on thursday, dare i say. march begins, but i guess it's coming in like a lion. let's hear it roar. >> because abc 7 is your stormwatch station, we are getting out ahead of this potential storm. "good morning washington" starts early at 4:00 a.m. next, the story of two
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desperatelyrs searching for their two little boys. it's an international hunt as the woman who took them pleased to her native slovakia, leaving both men fearing they will never see their sons again. that's the real life, unimaginable drama that unfolds tonight on "20/20." david joins us with how both of taken matters into their own hands. both of these men were married to that woman at some point, and they have joined forces now. >> that's correct. the youngest little boy. the other is jerry. they are beautiful little boys. she goes away on vacation and simply never returns. the fathers waiting for that flight, and they are not on it. what follows is an 18-month heart pounding search for the boys. >> cannot imagine being those fathers.
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the moment that helped them pinpoint where those boys were was realizing they were not living as boys. >> as you point out, there was a piece of shocking video they turned over to us and also to the fbi. you will see these little boys. a lot has changed, but what is most startling, as you point out, is their disguise. you will see the youngest, sasha, with pigtails. their hair is very long, and you will see the fathers looking at the video and what their reaction is to this whole thing. can you imagine being the stats, not knowing where these boys are, and having just this piece of video showing how their boys have transformed. >> unbelievable. you were able to track maria down. did she claimed she had a good reason to abduct these boys? >> you will hear from her tonight. we went looking for her, and we had multiple addresses. we end up at an address in geneva. her mother opened the door and said to come back in one hour. we returned, and maria
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approaches me. what follows is a lengthy interview about what she was thinking. how can a mother take her own boys away from their father 6000 miles away? you will hear how she tries to explain it, and we will find out where the boys are now. this is an extraordinary case unlike anything we have ever seen before. investigativery work on your part. you will see that tonight at 10:00 on abc seven. you will see that tonight at 10:00 on abc seven. then be sure to
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>> president obama and vice president biden are showing off their moves in honor of the fourth anniversary of first lady michelle obama's let's move initiative. the first lady is inviting people to share how they move on facebook, twitter, and instagram . just use the #letsmove. they've got their slacks on. barely breaking a sweat there. obviously they would not break a sweat outside today. >> no, it's cold. sunday into monday, could get messy around here with a range -- wintry mix. >> we will have the latest on that
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[dramatic muc] ♪ >> hey! what's up, everybody? what up? what up? what up? what up? what up? what up? what's up? what's happening? [cheers and applause] how are you doing? my man, what up? what's up? come on out here. yeah. yeah! hello, and welcome to millionaire. [cheers and applause] hey. you guys, you know, what? today is our final day of movie week, yll. oh! and what a way to wrap things up. our returning contestant's about to face his $250,000 question.

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